These are some of the forecasts we typically use to ensure conditions are going to be safe and comfortable for our passengers:

Is there a nicer place to be than out at sea on a day like this?

Or a more fun place than this?

Met Office Inshore Waters – we check and log this forecast on the day of a trip, in addition, we’re looking for a sea state of smooth or moderate and a windspeed of ideally F4 or below.

Windfinder – we use this to check a few days ahead and keep an eye on wave height, wind direction and wind speed. Additionally, the direction of the waves is important to us.

CEFAS WaveNet – we use the data from the Lowestoft WaveRider to see a better prediction of wave heights over the next few days.

National Tidal and Sea Level Facility – this is a great site to see how actual tides compare to predicted tides (wind direction, wind speed, air pressure etc all have a big impact)

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