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family run & operated

In 2020, John and Fliss decided to transform their boating hobby into a business venture. Their vision was (and remains) to not only relish in their work but also to provide guests with a memorable boat trip experience while contributing to local charities whenever possible.

As a locally-based, family-run business operating from Lowestoft in Suffolk, we prioritize our passengers and the local community in everything we do. Our mission is to offer unforgettable boat trips in Norfolk and Suffolk, ensuring a memorable experience for all!

The director standing on the boat with a shipping container behind

Our Offerings

Hop aboard our boat, Shearwater, for unforgettable adventures! We offer boat trips and RIB rides from Lowestoft’s South Pier, where you can see seals at Scroby Sands, tour Lowestoft Harbour, and enjoy sightseeing trips along Norfolk/Suffolk’s sunrise coast. Plus, we’ve expanded our operations to include boat trips in the Broads National Park, specifically the southern Broads, with a variety of exciting excursions.

Booking your adventure is a breeze with our online provider, Fareharbour. Browse available boat trips and live availability for easy booking. Trips fill up quickly, but don’t worry! We welcome walk-ons too (when space is available). If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just give us a call, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Private charters/group bookings are available, we want to make your trip as special as possible and we will do everything to ensure it exceeds your expectations!

Our Core Values

You can scroll down below to find out more about how we give back and are a responsible boat operator

Donations to local charities including charity run trips
Sea Watch Recommended Boat Operator / Wise Accredited
Going green and doing our part for the environment
Supporting Subheading

Our boat


Water Jets

Our boat utilises a water jet drive, meaning no propeller in the water, making her extremely safe around marine life and swimmers. It also makes her extremely maneuverable and able to operate in shallow waters.

Passenger Comfort

We have 12 inboard seats, 6 each side. Our seats are all angled outwards meaning you get great views all round. As she is a RIB based design, this makes her good at giving a comfortable ride during rougher seas.

Open Boat Design

Our boat is open top, so you’ll really feel the rush when we get underway. You’ll also get your fair share of sea spray, but it’s all part of the fun! It makes for a unique and highly enjoyable experience that you can really feel!


Shearwater is commercially coded and licensed (following a thorough inspection) to operate up to 23 miles from the coast. We carry a very comprehensive set of safety and emergency equipment preparing us for any situation or event.

Our Values

how we give back

Whilst this is a commercial venture it’s very important to us that we give something back to the local area and do our part to protect wildlife and the environment.


We make our boat and staff available free of charge to some local charities, working closely with them. In 2022 we made our boat available free of charge for the historic Smack Races off Lowestoft and for the Lowestoft Heritage Open Days

Money Raising

Money raising for charities: when people book we encourage them to donate to charities such as RSPCA East WinchLydia Eva / Mincarlo Trust and Friends of Horsey Seals. We also carry collection tins for some charities so passengers can donate before or after a trip.

Promoting Car Free Travel

We’ve partnered with Good Journey, offering a 5% discount for any customer who traveled to us car-free. Promoting journey’s by public transport and cycling to support and reward our customers in doing their bit for the environment.

Wildlife Protection

We are Accredited Wildlife Safe Operators (WiSe Scheme), which is a national training scheme for minimising disturbance to marine wildlife. We are also a Sea Watch Foundation Recommended Boat Operator, a national charity working to improve the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises.

The Environment

As part of any maritime operators good duty and responsibility, we will pick up and correctly dispose of any waste we come across whilst at sea or in harbour. We have strict preventative measures on oil and other contaminants entering the water. Our crew van is also fully electric.

Local Community

We working closely with local businesses and organisations, offering discounts and incentives along with support for local people. We are embedded within the local maritime community, with loyalty schemes, special discounts and partnership working.

Our Story

Pledges, ACCREDITATION’s and awards

WiSe Scheme

We are accredited wildlife safe operators as per the WiSe Scheme which is a national training provider for marine wildlife. We’ve completed the Standard WiSe Course which is a professional standard which trains boat operators to operate around marine life in a way which reduces disturbing them and enhances knowledge of marine life and best practices.

By completing this course we have committed to abide by national & local laws of wildlife conservation / disturbance / avoidance and to abide by the WiSe Codes of Conduct and any other local wildlife-watching codes.

Sea Watch Foundation

We are a Recommended Boat Operator with the Sea Watch Foundation. It is a national marine environment charity working to improve the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises by monitoring their activities, raising awareness/understanding and advise for better environmental protection.

We help contribute to the monitoring work completed by Sea Watch by recording and sending all sightings of cetacean’s to Sea Watch. We also agree to respect a marine code of conduct which is designed to minimise disturbance to wildlife.

You can report a sighting of any whale, dolphin or porpoise that you see by clicking below:

The Green Blue Pledge – RYA

We have signed the RYA’s Boat Pledge, where we have pledged to Respect, Protect and Enjoy our waters, wildlife and habitats in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Most Promising New Business Award – 2023

At a Suffolk Chamber of Commerce event, Jet Adventures were chosen at the 2023 East Suffolk Business Award’s to win the following award:

Most Promising New Business Award sponsored by Associated British Ports

Suffolk Carbon Charter – Silver

We have received Silver Accreditation with the Suffolk Carbon Charter, meaning we have demonstrated measurable progress on carbon reduction. This is a scheme where we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business operations.