A spooky Halloween boat trip around Lowestoft’s Lake Lothing, with ghost stories and ghastly tales

the lowestoft docks ghost tour

As this trip is only run in late October, please sign up to our mailing list to hear when we next run it!

Slow Boat Trip

South Pier | Lowestoft

1 Hour Approx (Sunset/Twilight trips)

All Weather Running*


A Halloween Exclusive Trip, a spooky twist on our traditional Lowestoft Harbour Tour.

Cast your eyes back to October 1882. A time where vessels were still mostly wooden hulled and were driven mainly by sails and oars. As we descend deeper in Lowestoft’s Docks, a huge storm is bearing down, a storm that will go down in history as one of the most ferocious to ever hit our coast.

We’ll visit sites of ship wrecks at Lake Lothing’s Ship Graveyard, share spooky tales and ancient myths and get a glimpse into the spooky workings of Lowestoft Docks in 1882, in a ghost tour like no other!

Mailing List

This is our Halloween Exclusive trip that we only run on the last week of October. Please visit our Sign Ups page to register your interest when we next run this trip!

Trip Itinerary

  1. Arrival at Heritage Quay, South Pier
  2. Fitting of lifejackets and safety briefing
  3. Introduction to the Storm of October 1882
  4. Boarding of our vessel
  5. River cruise through the Outer Docks
  6. Descending into the 1,000 year old Lake Lothing
  7. The Ships Graveyard
  8. The Ghostly Wherry – Mutford Lock
  9. The return journey

Important Information

  • This is a slow leisurely guided tour of the Harbour
  • This boat trip is limited to Lowestoft Harbour/Lake Lothing
  • This trip can be offered in all weathers*
  • These trips takes place during sunset or twilight, on the week run up to Halloween in October
  • See here for how to find us: https://www.jetadventures.co.uk/find-us/#find-lowestoft

*All Weather Running means we are able to run this trip in conditions otherwise not suitable for our trips out to sea. However, in certain extreme situations certain weather conditions will prevent us being able to safely run this trip.