Seal boat trip to Scroby Sands to see hundreds of seals, making for the perfect day out in Norfolk


£46.64 Per Person | £42.40 Children & Seniors

Fast Boat Trip**

South Pier | Lowestoft

1.5 Hours Approx

Weather Dependant*


When looking for activities in Suffolk and Norfolk, take part in our one-of-a-kind seal boat trip offering a truly magical experience. The trip involves visiting Scroby Sands off Great Yarmouth on the Norfolk Coast, where you can see hundreds of seals in their natural habitat.

Unquestionably unique, this seal boat trip presents a chance to get up-close with these sociable marine mammals always eager to interact with our customers. Their curiosity never fails to surprise us – one might think that we are the actual attraction!

It’s not uncommon to spot copious numbers of seals at all times, regardless of the tide. They gather on the sand in droves at low water, while they swim around the boat during high tide!

Scroby Sands, an ever-changing offshore sandbank influenced by the tides and currents, is what Norfolk seals call home. Most noticed for its wind farm, the sands offer an impressive sight in addition to the seal-watching adventure!

Trip Itinerary

  1. Departure from our berth at the Heritage Quay, South Pier
  2. Sailing through the yacht basin and out to sea past the pier heads
  3. Approximately 20 knot cruise north passing Ness Point (Britain’s most easterly point), Gunton, Corton, Hopton-On-Sea and Gorleston-On-Sea
  4. Outward journey to Scroby Sands Windfarm/Sandbank
  5. If weather permits, we drop anchor and switch off the boats engine to allow visitors to hear the seals’ chorus in uninterrupted serenity. If not, we silently drift with the tide and witness the seals in a playful mood encircling our boat.
  6. Journey back to Lowestoft Harbour, Suffolk

Important Things To Know

For the best seal-watching experience in Suffolk & Norfolk, please remember these pointers:

  • This is a fast-open boat trip**
  • The trip goes out to sea
  • The trip is weather dependant*
  • You may get very wet and cold and are advised wear layers and bring waterproofs (or you can borrow our waterproofs for free!)
  • See here for how to find us:

*This signifies our need for favourable weather conditions for passengers to comfortably enjoy the trip. The usual factors involved are the wind’s speed and direction. If weather conditions seem likely to cause trouble, you’ll be notified at the earliest.

**Even though it’s a fast boat trip, we maintain a slow pace when in the seals’ vicinity without encroaching too much into their space. This might require us to kill the engine and drop the anchor. Learn more about how we strive to conserve our distinct environment and valued wildlife.