New (to us) website

We got added to this website today: We hadn’t come across it before but it’s definitely worth a look. It’s got some really useful information.

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We’re on Tripadvisor

We’re in the process of setting up selling via Tripadvisor (it’s cheaper to book direct with us though) but if you’ve been on one of our trips it would be great to have your feedback on Tripadvisor:

We have a new home and …

MTB 102

We’re very excited to announce we should soon be operating from the MTB102 Trust in Lake Lothing, Lowestoft and supporting their charity. See their website for what they do and watch ours for updates! Your sharing of this would be very much appreciated.

We’re WiSe Accredited

We’re extremely proud to announce that Jet Adventures are now WiSe accredited wildlife safe operators. What this means is that we commit to follow a strict code of conduct to ensure we don’t disturb marine wildlife. Please visit the WiSe website for more details of what they do:

We’re good to go

We’re proud to announce we’ve been awarded a Good To Go certificate by Visit Great Britain to show we’re working safely within Covid-19 industry standards. See here for more information about this excellent scheme:

We’re working with Lead-Us

Jet Adventures are excited to announce we’re working closely with Lead Us Charters.We’ve forged a relationship between Lead Us Charters where Colin (Lead-Us owner and skipper) will be acting as part time skipper / crew for Jet Adventures and we’ll be offering both (or either) boats to companies wanting to charter two commercial boats working… Continue reading We’re working with Lead-Us

The WiSe Scheme

The UK’s national training scheme for minimising disturbance to marine wildlife: It’s been on Jet Adventures’ roadmap for quite a while to go through the training offered by the WiSe Scheme. Like so many things (including us!) covid has disrupted the training In the meantime there are a couple of videos that are well… Continue reading The WiSe Scheme