The Sunrise Coast

The Sunrise Coast


Lowestoft ness point during sunrise
Lots of seals on scroby sand at low water

Scroby Sands

Our most popular trip is to visit Scroby Sands, which hundreds of grey seals call home.

Bordered by the Scoby Sands Windfarm, it is both fascinating, beautiful and exhilarating.

A naturally occurring sandbank just off the coast of Great Yarmouth, it dries out at low water creating the perfect resting ground for seals, who then get washed off once more on the rising tide when it’s time to fetch dinner!

Coastal Sightseeing

As you depart Lowestoft on a warm summers afternoon, the Skipper takes you North, tightly hugging the coast.

You pass the beautiful Gunton Warren Nature Reserve, paragliders emerging from the woods and descending down the cliff

Corton quickly approaches and you wave as high as you can as you pass the beach goers at Corton and the holiday parks at nearby Hopton

You look to the east and catch a glimpse of a seal bobbing in the water as we pass

The Skipper slows the boat, more seals emerge, all around us, as we gently come to a stop next to the wreck of a ship off Gorleston beach