By travelling with us you agree to the terms and conditions below. The person making a booking is responsible for making all members of your party aware of these.

Health & Safety:

  • We cannot carry unaccompanied minors under the age of 16.
  • Minimum child age 4. Minimum weight 15kgs – all passengers occupy a seat and must be able to use hand holds
  • We cannot accept passengers under the influence of drug or alcohol or displaying covid 19 symptoms.
  • If there are any other health problems we should be aware of please let us know.
  • Lifejackets are supplied by us and it is mandatory to wear them
  • Unfortunately we cannot carry:
  • Pregnant ladies
  • Those suffering conditions resulting in decreased bone strength
  • People with a history of back or spine conditions or injuries
  • Anyone who is unable to effectively brace themselves during turns or impacts
  • Toddlers or babies


  • All instructions given by the skipper and crew must be followed. They are for your and other passengers’ safety and enjoyment
  • Passengers must remain seated unless explicit permission is given to stand by the skipper or crew


  • You may take photographs or recordings when travelling with us but please respect the privacy of people in other groups.
  • Any photographs and recordings you take when with us may not be used for commercial purposes without our permission
  • Jet Adventures may take photographs or recordings which may be used for publicity or other purposes. These may include passengers


  • Absolutely no litter should be thrown overboard. If you have litter you can’t take with you, we will dispose of it for you. Ask the skipper or crew
  • The birds and mammals we encounter are wild animals, they may bite!