Jet Adventures runs boat trips off the East Coast of England with a focus on viewing nature. 

Our environmental policy is to improve the environment we work in by:

  • Minimising emissions
    • By the use of a vessel with a modern, efficient engine
    • By the use of a crew van which is an full EV (electric vehicle)
  • Minimising spillages
    • By following written procedures
    • Always having spill containment equipment available
  • Any detritus spotted in the sea will be collected and disposed of if practical or reported to the relevant authorities
  • When considering our operations, we will apply “reduce, reuse, recycle” principals wherever practical

We work closely with the WiSe Scheme and Sea Watch Foundation and are accredited for both. Both are organisations which promote the conservation and protection of offshore wildlife

We will continually strive to improve our environmental performance by monitoring and reviewing this policy

We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation as set out by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Department For Transport and other governmental bodies

John Kitching (Director)