Shearwater (our boat)

We think Shearwater is the perfect tool for what we do. A big inboard diesel and a jet drive come together perfectly to give us a very safe, fun, manoeuvrable boat that’s a fabulous platform for what we do.

Shearwater in action

The engine has plenty of power but the best part is the jet drive. No propellor in the water makes her extremely safe around wildlife such as seals and dolphins and when we’re manoeuvring around swimmers. There are few boats more manoeuvrable than a jet drive boat, she can stop in her own length from speed and turn on the spot.

We love talking about Shearwater so feel free to ask or email us about her.

The specs for the more technical of you, this isn’t compulsory reading 😏 …

Engine: 440hp straight six, turbocharged Yanmar 6LY2A-STP

Yanmar 6LY2A-STP

Gearbox: Twin Disc MG-5061

Jet Drive: Hamilton HJ-274

Hamilton HJ-274

Electronics: Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro chart plotter / fish finder, Garmin GPSMAP451 chart plotter, Standard Horizon GX1500E VHF DSC radio, Cobra MR-F57 VHF DSC radio

Hull: 6mm aluminium

Tubes: Hypalon

Seating: six inboard seats, 14 seats on the tubes, 2 standing for skipper and crew (Shearwater is licensed to carry 2 crew and 12 passengers so there’s plenty of space)

Licensing: Shearwater is coded under MCA MGN280 as a passenger vessel (2 crew + 12 passengers) and as a workboat to category 4. This allows us to be up to 20 nautical miles (23 statute miles, 37 kilometres) from a safe haven in favourable weather and daylight.