Our Trips

Our Trips

What’s On Offer?

We guarantee a boat trip for everyone, why not take a look and see what you fancy… or maybe you fancy building the ultimate experience with multiple trips!

Harbour Tour

Explore the mysteries of Lowestoft’s Harbour

45 Mins Approx | Starting at £10 pp

Coastal Sightseeing

See the famous “Sunrise Coast” and its beauty

1 Hr 15 Mins Approx | Starting at £20 pp

Seal Watching

Meet hundreds of seals at Scroby Sands

2 hours Approx | Starting at £30 pp

Special Trips

Discover our special, one-off and bespoke trips

Length and price vary

Discover the traditional town from an entirely new angle

Lowestoft Harbour Tour

Join us for a guided boat tour around Lowestoft Harbour and Lake Lothing, where our friendly and knowledgeable crew will point out all the key sights!

Interested in the old shipyards, or perhaps even a visit to the ship graveyards. Or maybe you want to see the huge offshore ships and research vessels that are regular visitors to our Port. There’s even a spooky side if you dare…

Click below to book your space or to learn more about the Lowestoft Harbour Tour!

Excelsior an old fishing smack
“Excelsior”, an authentically restored fishing smack
Two ship wrecks in the river
Wrecks of two ships in Lake Lothing
Swing bridge over the river
Carlton Rail Swing Bridge, Lowestoft
Discover our Sunrise Coast with an exhilarating experience

Coastal Sightseeing

Step aboard for an exciting scenic boat trip of the Sunrise Coast where you’ll realise why we just can’t get enough of this beautiful stretch of coastline…

Interested in the wildlife or is it just the idea of seeing the coast from the “other side”, or maybe perhaps it’s just being on a boat! You’ll see plenty and get all the photo opportunities you need for that next insta post!

Click below to book your space or to learn more about the Coastal Sightseeing Trip!

Our boat shearwater viewed from the back
Shearwater leaving harbour at speed
Shearwater cruising
Our boat shearwater leaving harbour
Shearwater leaving Lowestoft Harbour
Witness what only a few get to see, all from the comfort, safety and fun of a boat

Seal Watching

Join us in a truly magical and one of a kind boat trip experience to see thousands of seals in their natural habitat.

The labrador’s of the sea, these friendly marine mammals are always just as inquisitive as our customers, you’ll get lots of photos to show off to your friends.

We are lucky to see huge numbers of seals at all states of the tide, at low water they’ll be on the sand in the masses and at high water, they’ll be surrounding the boat!

Click below to book your space or to learn more about our Scroby Sands Seal Watching Trip!

Seals at Scroby Sands, a natural sandbank
A closeup of a seal
A curious seal
Scroby Sands, 19 Sept 2020. Picture: Mike Page
Shearwater out on an excursion
An extra offering from our standard trips

Special and Bespoke Trips

Dog Friendly Trips

We can offer bespoke dog friendly trips with most of our offered trips. Please ensure you give us a few days notice when booking dogs onboard so we can get the right sized lifejackets, but if you have any questions please give us a call!

Cetacean Spotting (Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises)

A unique, one of its kind trip, offering the chance to search for and find cetaceans and interesting sea birds.

We head out to sea (approx 10 nautical miles) and travel parallel with the coast for up to 25 nautical miles trying to spot species of interest which could be fin or humpback whales, bottlenose or white beaked dolphins or harbour porpoises alongside skuas and shearwaters. An approx 3 hour round trip.

Halloween Harbour Tours

A Halloween Exclusive Trip, a spooky twist on our traditional Lowestoft Harbour Tour.

As the sun is setting, we’ll take you out during twilight to share some ghost stories and ghastly tales, not to mention showing you all the spooky sights along the way. As we return to our slip, the sun has long gone and we are lit only by the moon and lantern of your knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Shearwater (our boat) on an excursion

We also offer seal watching at Horsey (Norfolk) however this is by arrangement only.

We’re always happy to explore your ideas and requirements and put on a bespoke trip for you. Drop us a message and we will be happy to work with you to make it possible!