How we try to help

How we try to help

Local Charity/Organisations

Whilst this is a commercial venture it’s very important to us that we give something back to the local area. This is what we try to do:

Practical assistance to charities: we make our boat and staff available free of charge to charities such as Friends of Horsey Seals

Money raising for charities: when people book we encourage them to donate to charities such as MTB102 Trust, Hemsby Lifeboat, Friends of Horsey Seals and Sea Palling Independant Lifeboat We do deduct the card fees (we can’t avoid this charge sadly) but we don’t take anything for administering this ourselves

Charity donations: where we can, we add to the donations kindly given by our customers

Conservation and protection of our unique wildlife & environment

Accredited Wildlife Safe Operator of the WiSe Scheme – national training scheme for minimising disturbance to marine wildlife, something we take very seriously. Learn more here.

Sea Watch Foundation Recommended Boat Operator – a national marine environmental charity working to improve the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises. Learn more here.

We operate a boat with jet drives instead of propellers. This means she is much safer to operate around swimmers and marine wildlife and also much less disruptive to sea life. This also makes us very manoeuvrable and able to operate in very shallow waters. We take our responsibility very seriously and will never threaten, disturb or provoke marine wildlife.

As part of any maritime operators good duty and responsibility, we will pick up and correctly dispose of any waste we come across whilst at sea or in harbour. We have strict controls on minimising the risk of oil spills and other contaminants entering the water.

wiSe scheme accredited wildlife safe operator badge
Sea Watch Foundation Recommended Boat Operator 2022