An exciting trip cetacean spotting. We think you’ll love it.

Our new cetacean (whales, dolphins & porpoises) spotting trip.

Approximately 3 hours / 45 nautical miles. Children & seniors £58, adults £60.

Come with us and be part of the first (we believe) organised cetacean search by boat in this area. 

We aim to spot and record sightings of whales, dolphins and porpoises (known as cetaceans) and sea birds. We report that we’ve done a search and any sightings to the Sea Watch Foundation and you can too.

Shearwater is a fast boat and so able to cover a large area of water – we expect to travel up to 10 nautical miles out to sea and approximately 25 nautical miles parallel to the coastline in our quest to spot fin or humpback whales; bottlenose or white beaked dolphins; harbour porpoises alongside skuas and shearwaters.

Look out for blows, fins and maybe breaches for signs of the activity in the area – communication with other vessel operators including fishing, sailing, lifeboats, windfarm etc, in the area is key and great at gaining intelligence. 

Trips will only be offered when the forecasted conditions are going to be suitable but as with all our trips you will be offered a new date or refund should the great British weather let us down. 

Updates – we’ll post here whenever we do one of these trips so you can see if we’ve been successful or not:

Weds 22/9/21 – headed SE from Lowestoft, then north and back via Scroby Sands. Saw lots of seals and many different sea birds but no cetaceans this trip.

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