About Us

About Us

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A family-run and operated business

With our customers at the heart of what we do

What do we offer?

With our boat, Shearwater, we take trips to see

All whilst enjoying the adventure, thrill and excitement that comes with being on an open boat!

Our boat Shearwater
Leaving Harbour bound for another trip!

How do we operate?

We run out of Lowestoft Harbour, picking up from our meeting point at the MTB 102 Trust in Oulton Broad, Lowestoft.

Each trip begins with an introduction and safety briefing from our friendly crew, who will answer any questions you may have and assist in the fitting of lifejackets/waterproofs.

You are then walked down to the boat, where you’ll meet the Skipper (Captain) and be invited on board to take a seat. Depending on your trip determines what happens next!

Shearwater ↗

Learn about our boat and why she’s perfect and what she does

How We Help ↗

Discover how we give back to the local area and try to help

Weather & Tides ↗

Check the latest forecasts and learn how we keep you safe